Saturday, July 13, 2013

SPA Chemicals - 8 Month Supply Starter Kit for Hot Tubs - Go Green

SPA Chemicals - 8 Month Supply Starter Kit for Hot Tubs - Go Green

"ANNOUNCING...Naturel Spa Maintenance 4-Pack for those that have already purged their SPA with Citri-Clean the 1-2-Punch - A Maintenance-Free Formula for a Safe, Crystal Clear Spa That Virtually ELIMINATES Regular Testing, Chemical Balancing, Shock Treatments and Toxic Spa Chemicals" Five-Pack - Naturel Spa (8 month Maintenance Kit), includes Four (4) 16-oz. Bottles of Naturel Spa A 1-2-punch for a healthy spa. Eliminate scale, corrosion and built-up calcium in your spa with Citri-Clean (see other offerings NOT INCLUDED) then keep it safe, clean, and crystal-clear with Naturel Spa. This is an eight (8) month maintenance kit that allows you to get your spa in tip-top shape, the "green way". See other ads for our two bottle starter kit to cleanse your spa/hot-tub one time. Your First Step, Citri-Clean: protects your spa from corrosive chemical buildup safely and easily. No scrubbing or scraping. Our powerful citric acid formula dissolves away scale, corrosion, and built up calcium without attacking the metal, plastics, or acrylic of your spa. And it's so safe that you can use the spa while it's doing its job. * Removes chemical buildup in your spa * Cleans filters and keeps them clean * Prevents scale * Eliminates stains * Removes baquaspa residues Your Second Step, Naturel Spa: You Don't Have To Put Up With Toxic Spa Chemicals Anymore! Naturel Spa has all natural ingredients that will keep your water safe without the toxic spa chemicals. Just imagine what it's going to be like when you're able to relax and enjoy your spa whenever you want without any skin problems. Complete step by step instructions are shipped with the product for your spa cleaning success. We appreciate doing business with you. Some testimonials: "All of that itching and the red skin ... and so much trouble with the chemicals too. Le Naturel Spa got rid of all of this. It is great!" Lee F. - SANTEE, CA "We use the spa all the time. The water is so soft and feels great!" Fred M. - ESCONDIDO, CA

  • All Green Natural Spa Chemical Treatment
  • Good for your Spa Pipes!
  • Good for your Water!
  • Good for your Skin!
  • Good for your Earth!

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