Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Generic Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum -Complete Set w/ Color Box

Generic Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum -Complete Set w/ Color Box

This pool cleaner can be connected to your pump and filtration system to vacuum up algae, dirt and debris and keep your pool water sparkling clear. It will clean any in/above ground pool regardless of shape or depth. It works on all pool surfaces: vinyl, concrete & fiberglass.

This automatic cleaner uses a large skirt and a diaphragm propulsion system to crawl around your pool floor in a random pattern, covering the entire pool floor while cycling your water.
It will also clean a small way up the pool sides depending on the amount of curve at the pool floor / wall intersection.

Powerful cleaning performance, reliability, maintenance free are the outstanding characteristics of this pool cleaner vacuum.
It comes in COLOR box with a owner's manual.

Package Includes:

1. 10 Hoses= 9 FxM and 1 FxF. Total 32.8 feet long.
2. Hose weight.
3. Skimmer Adjustable Regulation Valve.
4. Skimmer adapter cone.
5. Instruction Manual.

  • Simple, quiet, automatic pool cleaner like Baracuda G3, G2
  • Anti-stick design and wheel deflector ensures optimal pool coverage and allows navigation around steps, ladders, and corners
  • Pool Supplies Town carrys replacement parts such as Foot pad, Diaphragm, and finned seal/disc
  • It functions like Baracuda G2, G3 pool cleaner using diaphragm.
  • It operates in all in-ground pool. It includes 33-feet of feed hose.

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