Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Instapark® Mars20S Portable & Rechargeable Emergency / Survival Solar Power Generator with Built-in 145Wh Lithium...

Instapark® Mars20S Portable & Rechargeable Emergency / Survival Solar Power Generator with Built-in 145Wh Lithium...

Key design features:

Self-contained Solar panel, rechargeable battery, charge controller, inverter & cooling fan all packed in one light & compact package for easy storage, portability & usage

Versatility Access to 110V/AC, 12V/DC & 5V/DC USB, 2-way charging on or off the grid, plus a 3-watt LED flashlight / SOS light

Durability Impact-resistance ABS body & rated IP65 waterproof

Simplicity Easy operation, no training or experience required. No regular maintenance required

Folding up to a briefcase size with lightweight & self-contained with impact-resistance & IP65 waterproof design, the Mars20S is a rugged portable & rechargeable solar power source that can convert virtually unlimited supply of solar energy to much needed power for all modern technologies on which we all depend & also provide power storage for later use when needed the most.

Featuring a 145 Wh Lithium battery, which can be charged by plugging in a 110V outlet or its own 20w solar panel, the Mars20S not only has DC outputs including two 5V USB ports for cell phones, tablets & three 12V outputs for car electronics, but also a 3-prong 110V AC socket for powering laptop, notebook or small appliance up to 150 watts, such as lamp, electric fan or TV.

With its versatility, excellent portability and durability, the Mars20S is not only a indispensable tool for recreational activities such as camping, backpacking and etc, but also an emergency power kit when natural disaster strikes or emergency situation arises.


Solar panel: 20W

Inverter: 150W

Battery: Lithium 145Wh

Charge controller: 12V/10A


Outputs: AC 110V: 1, DC 5V/2A USB: 2, DC12V: 3

Inputs: AC/110V/DC12-24V/4A

Charging time:

Solar: 20 hrs;AC 110V: 6 hrs

Dimensions: 15 �" X 12 �" X 4 �"

Weight: 12 lbs

Accessories: power cord, 12V DC charging cable & manual

  • Self-contained portable & rechargeable solar power station for travel, outdoor activities and emergency / disaster preparedness
  • AC & DC outputs for charging multiple devices such as small appliances, 12V car electronics, laptop computers, tablet computers, cell phones & other portable gadgets simultaneously
  • Charging the built-in 145Wh Lithium battery indoor or outdoor: 110V/AC wall outlet with included power cord or 20 watts mono-crystalline solar panel with input jack for external solar panel(s)
  • Built-in super-bright 3 watts white LED bulb with 2 selectable modes, flashlight or SOS beacon light
  • Back-lit LCD display with battery strength, input, output and operation status indicators

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